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It takes 1 minute from Kabira Fire station

 1~2min from bus stop"Rotary"

Please call us if you can't find IRIWA or if you have heavy baggage♪

You will see this sign board
sign board tell the direction     sign board tell the direction


We can pick up you at the Kabira bus stop without charge.

drop off at airport, Ferry terminal, each hotel   :   3000yen

pick up from Airport : 4000yen

   * If you rent a car at Iriwa more than 2 days,We will pick up 2000yen

pick up car
8 people can ride on pick up car☆


It takes about 30minutes from airport to IRIWA

Rental car shop  do pick up only in city central

And also, IRIWA rent a car  ♪ Click HERE
 * If you rent a car for many days, we will pick you up for free.


You can rent a motor bike(50cc) at IRIWA  1000yen  for a day

Also, you can rent a motor bike at KENTAYA

They do pick up service to airport or IRIWA
It costs  2000yen for first day , and 1000yen from 2nd day for a day

Tel : +81-980-87-8281


It costs about 4500yen from airaport to IRIWA
It takes 30minutes



The nearest bus stop "Kabira rotary mae " is front of fire station
It takes 1 minute from there to IRIWA


There are 3 direct buses a day from the airport to Kabira.
Also 4 direct buses from Kabira to the airport.

It takes 45 minutes or 90 minutes depending on the bus line.

You can come to bus terminal in downtown for changing the bus for Kabira or Airport.
There is bus from the airport to bus terminal every 15minutes, and it takes about 35minutes.

There are 11 buses from the bus terminal to Kabira a day, it takes about 45minutes.
The last bus departure time from the terminal to kabira is 18:10.

Special Bus Ticket, you can buy following bus ticket from bus driver.
1000 yen ticket for one day for every bus in Ishigaki
2000 yen tecket for 5 days for every bus in Ishigaki

Time schedule for Kabira

      =Direct bus=   45min 810yen

AirPort     →    Kabira →Rotary   
 12:00         12:43   12:45       
 15:00         15:43   15:45  

Rotary → Kabira    → AirPort

10:05  10:07       10:50  
13:05  13:07       13:50


  =change at Bus terminal to Kabira=

 Terminal   →    Kabira    

  6:15              7:00
  7:10            8:01~8:03
  8:55                   9:40
  9:35                  10:20
  10:45                11:21~1 1:23
7.8.9month(11:15      12:00)
  12:15                12:51~12:53
  12:55                13:40
7.8.9month(14:15      15:00)
15:10 holiday off   15:46~15:48
  16:15                17:00
  17:35                18:1 1~18:13
  18:10                18:55
 =Bus stop”Rotary”
You can get off the bus at the bus stop” Rotary”
even if it’s not , Please talk to driver

☆This time table was updated 7th March 2013. 
Please check the detail from AZUMA BUS or phone call  +81-980-82-2054 

      Kabira Treasure Map☆by IRIWA               It takes 1minute from
the bus stop"Kabira rotary "
This is the door of dormitory 
kabira treasure map
You can use this map during stay